The images depicted here are shown randomly as they progress. (I basically tend to do a first draft pencil, refining along the way as I go (or at least, TRY to, hehehe ;) ...then when I am satisfied with the results, I'll next ink it, then colorize it (unbelievably to some, given my schedule, but yes, I eventually do intend to color them! ;) [At this note, the artist would also like to point out that if the viewer wishes to 'take over and add their own unique blend to any of my works, usually I am quite amendable to that, but would prefer to at least be consulted first... ;)].

The way I see it, art breeds inspiration breeds art... :) What I enjoy most about viewing the works of others is that it instantly rekindles my own passion for this form of creative expression. :) Some of the pictures will be most definately be recognized as paradies... (I think we all need to see a different angle on things if only just for a quiet chuckle! ;)

...also presented here are pictures that I've done for others as a sort of 'This is you to me' kinda thing, but I want it made known that before posting these pics, both parties have agreed to this posting and should the viewer consider altering, they should consult both myself and the model of the artworks player... it's only fair, don'tcha think? {:)


Thank you for giving me this chance to share this with you, please feel free to drop by again as I am constantly driven by inspiration and zest to show new and further developed images with all of you (you can also check out some of my 'G'-rated artwork as well as recipes, rituals and meditations by triod, co-producer of our webpage, Pendragon & LaFey... :)

Lunarwolf MoonPhaser


DeCarlos Price

WeII just want everyone to have as much (if not MORE) fun with this journey as I and I thank you ALL for it! {:~) Well... I say enought with the text already and let'cha get on with why ya decided ta come here in the first place!...


Otherwise bring on the 'Clotheless Furres'!...*cues da music* ;)

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