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http://world4.monstersgame.co.uk/?ac=vid&vid=47030286 Howlutations to all! {:) This site, so thankfully brought to you by Techwolf, is my little den wherein you will see just what twisted mental images haunt my mind that make me put them to paper and thus you may gain a bit of insight not only about myself... but perhaps something that may stir hidden within yourself! For not only does this site feature images drawn forth and put to pencil and paper but also enters into how it shapes my designs for costuming and even ritualistic practises. Also along the way you will get to witness how this interaction has inspired and brought forth art from many other very talented people whom I am honored to pay tribute to on this site. Now... although some of the albums are G-rated, I must forewarn you now that many of my albums may contain material that some may find offensive... I won't even begin ta describe exactly what subject matter it may cover because the list is long and varied, all I'll say is that is is adult subject matter and that if you think you may see something that might offend you there are many way to quickly dismiss such an image! Each art album DOES have a summary of what it may contain so you can not say that you have not be warned... Now... with that all out of the way I invite you all (those remaining, that is) to sit back and enjoy the wonderful things you may see here... {:) All materials not done by me have been authorized by their creators and they have given me permission to display them here and we all ask only that you observe their rights not to alter and/or redistribute their art without their consent!... Other than that the only thing *I* want it expressly known is that I am not to be held accountable for any hairy palms or loss of eyesight and/or sanity that may occur while veiwing any material found here! Thanks again for sharing the journey and howls of love and laughter to you all! {:) DeCarlos Price A.K.A Lunarwolf MoonPhaser
What Kind of Furry Are You? (with lovely images)

Wolf Furry. ART COPYRIGHT TO: www.redpanda.com (Sara Palmer)
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62 images added...
...to the Yiffy Art 2008 album includin' a shitload of mock Magic: the Gathering cards for yer enjoyment... :P

2008 album added ta 'Yiffy Art album'
Long overdue I know... an my apologies fer the wait... hopefully there's pics in there that've been well worth the wait for ya... {:)

Over 100 images added...
...to the 2007 yiffy art folder... my apologies for such late notice of this... been rather preoccupied with other matters... I'll try ta get the 2008 folder started sometime soon...

Major update: 43 new images added!
... just uploaded over 40 new images... mostly ta the 2007 yiff album but some are also in several other albums... enjoy :)

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