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Well since the text files themselves don't allow fer any comments ta be given in this album, thought I'd stick a pic in here so that anyone who'd read anything in this album could feel free ta leave a comment. These are writings of various things of course, erotic stories, character descriptions and silly song spoofs that I've done over the years. Would love ta hear what'cha thought of'em. :)

LylyK21@ (11/11/2005 23:49:59):
Hey, you're good looking ^^ hehe

snuffe13@ (03/12/2007 09:43:45):
wating for the rest of the story.]:)...AND FOUR YOU TO TECH ME TO SPELL!!!!!!!!!...PS love your songs!!! ];)

sunffe13-omaga@ (03/12/2007 21:40:26):
regrate to in form you but the wight men from the light room came to take me back to that horabil blacknes thayr comeing befor thay take me away i want thank youfor giving me someofthe lost lightback goodbi

snuffe13@ (03/13/2007 00:09:46):
EGNORE LAST COMMENT PLEAYS IT WAS A VERE BAD JOKE THANK YOU...PS DELETE IT PLEAYS THANK YOU.Ill tell beter ones later.Sory lunar (see furst pic furst year for formiul apalige).

anonymous@ (12/24/2008 01:14:45):
no worries... and I do not delete comments no matter their flavor... I look at it as ways we can all look back on things and further alanyze whatever was the cause that spurred such input... they too are inspiration after all... thanks :)

main page > Erotic Tails

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