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Lunarwolf MoonPhaser@ (06/22/2005 17:00:50):
This single pic not only helps ta 'mark' this album but also allows me ta view any possible commentary some of ya might have... so if there's any problems viewin' the vids or anythin' else ya'd like ta say about any of the vids in this album ya can place'em here an hopefully I can address any comments/concerns ya might have... thanks :)

anonymous@ (06/23/2005 22:35:20):
maybe u should put the videos in a form that is done on like the cite cjboys so that people with really slow computers can view them too.

Lyly@ (06/25/2005 05:37:10):
I can't view any of the videos that say mpeg and have the pic of the film strip :( and they sound the best too v.v

PsychoWyvern@ (07/11/2005 22:02:23):
There's certain videos I can't see such as the Male Black Taurus try to fix those please they sound good *drools*

Mad March Hare@ (07/12/2005 14:43:06):
Personally, too samey! Just guys sucking cocks, which is NOT my favourite sort of thing. Being practically straight, I prefer just simply jacking off and having a powerful orgasm - nothing more.
Actually, watching HUMANS sucking each other looks gross, frankly. The furries make it look natural!

jon@ (07/22/2005 11:57:17):
love your site

jon@ (07/22/2005 11:57:27):
love your site

yankeeconn@ (07/31/2005 13:39:48):
Thanks for the longer SeanCody 10 minute one - i like those more than the 15 sec "quickies" - any way you can upload another like it?

Lunarwolf MoonPhaser@ (07/31/2005 17:33:34):
Thanks :)

Well I can't be for certain but but maybe I have some more of those vids stashed away somewhere... I just added a couple more vids a few days ago and will be addin' more as time permits so make sure an check back occassionally. :)

Oskar@ (09/19/2005 23:57:07):
I LOVE your website!!! Love your taste and would like to see more of those huge cocks, maybe also some hairy men, cut/uncut, doesn't matter. The Sean Cody clip is awesome!
Thank you!!! You art is great as well, very talented.

Brittney@ (10/24/2005 11:36:54):
Thats sick dude you need to put that video away okay.Im just kidding very artistic

JR@ (12/20/2005 21:12:04):
WOOF, Dman nice site bud.

anonymous@ (02/20/2006 23:28:35):
Most of the vids are working well. By the way, thank you for sharing them. However, all the videos that appear to be in wmv format aren't loading right or transferring the right way. Maybe it's my media player, or its settings, or my school's firewall or something, but I get an error message with all the wmv files saying the transfer protocol is incorrect, or the format is wrong.

Lunarwolf MoonPhaser@ (02/21/2006 11:12:12):
it's probably that they don't have the right codec/format installed for ya ta see them there... an BTW... what school are you goin' to that let's ya watch porno over the 'net!... sure wish there would'a been one like that when I was goin' ta school! :P

DawnWolf@ (07/30/2006 10:32:03):
Mediaplayer does not support streaming ftp:// - this is not a Codec issue. Just right-click "Save Link As.." and then play the file once you have it downloaded locally.

Jack@ (09/13/2006 14:39:33):
Where did you find the "world's largest" movies?

DementedKitsune@ (09/13/2006 15:04:05):
I can't get the Sarafine into Werewolf video to work, I saved it to my comp, I just clicked it, no matter what I do all I get is sound. why is that?

yiffyfan@ (11/20/2007 04:59:05):
Wish you had more videos I would like to see more of the humans turning into animals

mistersquirts69@ (06/18/2008 18:15:38):
After seeing the cocks in these vids, including the so-called 20-incher, I realized I must have one of the biggest in the world, at 16.5X7.5 actual inches. I have pics if you're interested. But the vids ARE great to beat off to!

Lunarwolf MoonPhaser@ (06/22/2008 01:47:01):
Heyas MisterS :)

Sure, I'd love ta see pics of ya an thanks for nice comments about the vids... Yeah they are rather enjoyable an m'glad ta share'em with ya an anyone else who might enjoy them as well... lookin' forward ta yer r'ply... :)


mistersquirts@ (07/08/2008 17:53:13):
Tell me where to send them. They're not real high quality, but good enough to get a "rise" out of! LOL

Lunarwolf MoonPhaser@ (07/10/2008 09:38:40):
ya can e-mail me at :)

sargedadpertrainer Yahoo IM@ (11/10/2009 19:49:17):
it says , it asks for password , after I played payable one on page 2

A. Dragon@ (03/12/2020 17:02:38):
What a beautiful collection. Thank you very much for sharing it. Happy boners here

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